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Welcome! This is the research blog for MachinimaBits festival. On this blog I put all the interesting sources and works I found during the creation of the lineup of the festival.

Unfortunately the second festival (2009 issue) was cancelled because the venue decided (without consultation) to calculate a (quite high) entrance fee, which we only found out about on the website. We (the curators + artists) make nothing and want to keep this a free festival.
I decided to not follow through and keep the research for a later time

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Friedrich Kirschner

the photographer from Friedrich Kirschner on Vimeo.

"We interrupt your program for a visual message and maybe we even get to the point where you wouldn't want to tune in again..."

Person 2184 is a three part visual poem running inside the game unreal tournament 2004 from epicgames. It shows queer happenings in an urban environment not very far from here and now.
Running inside the game means that you can download person2184 as a modification to your original game Unreal Tournament 2004 and play the movies in-engine in realtime on your computer.
The goal of the project is to give an idea of alternative art direction, content and story structure to interactive and non-interactive narrative.

Kirschner wrote the Moviesandbox Machinima tool. Moviesandbox is an Open-Source graphical filmmaking tool in progress, formerly developed for the Unreal Tournament engine and now based on C++ and OpenGL.
Kirschners other movies

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