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Welcome! This is the research blog for MachinimaBits festival. On this blog I put all the interesting sources and works I found during the creation of the lineup of the festival.

Unfortunately the second festival (2009 issue) was cancelled because the venue decided (without consultation) to calculate a (quite high) entrance fee, which we only found out about on the website. We (the curators + artists) make nothing and want to keep this a free festival.
I decided to not follow through and keep the research for a later time

Friday, January 2, 2009


Untitled Game (1996) is a CD (and web site) containing twelve modifications of Quake by artist ensemble JODI. The first modification, "Arena", is blinding white. All visible architecture has been eliminated. What remains is interface components and sound. The following mods range in interactivity and effect, from number stats flowing upscreen to ambient warm toned 3-D environments.
Source (and more)

Other videogame based works by Jodi:
Jet Set Willy info
Composite Club 2.0++

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